Sheena Miller-Karan

5043 ARTDM-171 Introduction to Web Design

Spring 2017

My Career Goals

Where I'm Headed

The thing about passions and ambitions is that they are often based on feelings and emotions. I chose user interface design as a career because I am passionate about being creative and solving problems with the user in mind. In my approaching years, I would like to gradually shift from my managerial position within the medical field, to a more fulfilling role within the marketing and design department of the start up company I currenty work for. I intend to gain a better grasp of the absolute definition of web design and the steps involved in the process.

My Knowledge of Design Thus Far

In the field of design, I am what folks in the gaming world would call "a noob." I am a self taught enthusiast, whose knowledge of "What is design" stems from online tutorial sites such as tutsplus, various YouTube videos, and a home library of O'Reilly books. Although I need a refresher, I learned how to write HTML and CSS while trying to pass time during a year off work, while at home with my then newborn son. Once I had a more solid idea of which path I wanted to pursue, I began researching and practicing web design steps. I have frequently used programs such as Photoshop, Sketch, and Balsamiq to experience the web design process. My skills are far from honed, but thankfully, I've been given many opportunities to showcase my skills by delivering ready to print brochures and marketing material for work related events. Practice makes perfect, and I need plenty of it :)

Hoping to Learn

More Experience and more learning.... I am hoping to absorb as much as possible from those with more experience than me, this will help immensely. During the course of this class, I would like to gain a clear understanding of what steps are necessary to arrive at a finished product, when starting off from a inital vision. It is crucial when designing a website, to understand the user experience. I would like to understand the different elements that a website is comprised of, so I am able to competently design each area with functionality and the user in mind.


Homework Assignments